Treat your itchy horse to a lovely big ScratchPad

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We are going PURPLE!! Lucky Stirrups Large Scratch Pad  50x50cm

The original Horse Scratch Pad is coming in purple!! – Give your itchy horse a safe and great place to rub with this equine scratch matting, it’s flexible, affordable and proven to work.  It fixes easily to your horses favourite rubbing place and helps your horse reach their itch, its the ideal equine scratch pad solution!

The Lucky Stirrups Equine Scratch Pad fixes wherever your itchy horse rubs with the supplied fixings, its flexibility allows you to fix the scratchpad just about anywhere from the stable to the field shelter or even trees and fence posts.

The Scratch Pad is great for itchy horses that have scratched or rubbed their tails or heads.  It reduces the damage caused by rubbing on unsuitable objects, it works as a self grooming pad providing a brush like surface to save them getting scratches and bare patches. It gives them a safe way to reach their itch.


This Large ScratchPad is resistant to mould, bacteria and rot, and it wont fade or go brittle in the sunlight, it’s an ideal solution for itchy horses

The ScratchPad is 50x50cm and is ideal for wrapping round areas your horse might be rubbing themselves on; stable corners, gateposts, tree trunks, its large so its great for rubbing whole horse bums and heads!  It fits to any shape or size wood or masonry, fixings/washers are included for wood, the scratch pad can be fitted round corners and cut to fit awkward smaller places such as the top of a fence post, if you are just looking for a small solution for your horse or pony there’s the ScratchStrip (50x25cm)

See horses enjoying scratching on their scratch pads in our videos, read our reviews to find out more about the lucky stirrups scratch pad for itchy horses and ponies.

Especially great as fly relief for itchy horses to relieve irritation caused by midges.  Equally handy for when your horses are moulting as a super self grooming option, and the birds love collecting the hair for their nests!  The scratchpad is flexible so it wont pull out your ponies hair if they are rubbing their tail or mane, its the ideal equestrian solution.

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“I fastened it to the wall of his stable and he loves scratching his bum on it”

“My ponies really love their scratch pad. Thank you”

“Postage service was excellent, arriving 12 hours after ordering. I used 2 pads for Wilma, and installed 3 pads for three girls at the yard. The horses love these, especially as the moulting season is with us” Lyn, Glamorgan

Purple 50x50cm Equine ScratchPad £14.99 & free delivery

The scratch pad solves the problem of an itchy pony, providing a place where your horse can have a g

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